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Teachers Corner

We Have Fun and Learn About Jesus! 

Every time a child walks through one of our doors we want to give them something that they can get from no other source.  We do not put on a show, an act, or a babysitting service, but lead kids into the presence of God every time we get the opportunity.  They can get a show on the Disney channel, they can get an activity in PE class, and they can get a lecture from parents or teachers.  We want tot give them something they can only get from their church, and that's a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Kids will receive a power packed message every service, with seeds planted that will not be shaken.  Our heart is that kids will have a deep understanding of Salvation, Water Baptism, the Holy Spirit, and begin developing their own personal prayer life and relationship with God, all by the time that they reach Jr. High.

Our kids will not leave our children's ministry department just simply knowing about God and be able to quote scripture, but have a personal relationship with God Himself and know how to access His presence.  They do not just know Bible stories, but understand the powerful weapon that the Word is and equipped with how to use it effectively to fight the enemy.  Our kids understand the importance of church, not simply as an attendee, but actually playing a part in ministry using their gifts and talents given by God.  

All teachers are required to submit to a thorough background check. In addition all teacher helpers must attend training.