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Mission statement: “Empowering Teens to live extraordinary Lives”


Join the Revolt! As our youth comes out of our 412 Extreme we very much take ownership in being extreme in our relationship with God, believing that this age and time of life that youth will not be able to survive spiritually outside of a desperation to be right in Gods sight (righteous). Outside of an all in relationship with God compromise will slip in and we believe that compromise is a killer of innocents, a killer of purity and holiness. 

So we Revolt! Our high schoolers are taking a stand against an existing evil in our world that is trying to convince them that the ways of the world is right and the ways of God are wrong. Romans 12:1-2 says that our lives are to be "living sacrifices,  Holy, and acceptable to God, for this is your reasonable service. Do not copy the customs and behaviors of this world but let God transform you by changing the way that you think." Our goal is transformation! For this reason our students are constantly encouraged to grow in their own relationship, outside of church with their Savior in three areas : worship, word, and prayer.  Because we know that their relationship must be owned and that it is an everyday battle to pick up your cross and follow Him dailey. In our church services our goal is to create an atmosphere of worship, where all students are able to enter into the presents of God, as well as build a unity among peers (the body-the church) and a love for each other.

The end of Romans 12:2 NLT says "then, you will know what God wants you to do." The NKJV reads "that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of GOd." The greatest fulfillment in life knowing when you are doing what God wants you  to do, and from that refusing anything less. To know His will is to know your purpose. We pray that each and every student that comes in and out of our doors will know their purpose in life is only found in Him and that they know how to find Him!!!! So we take a stand here for the Kingdom together and we Revolt!